SWEET POTATO - (Ipomeas batatas)

Originary from South America, in the Andes area, it's been consumed for centuries by the natives. It is presumed that this product arrived in Europe before the potato, in the 16th century.
There are several varieties of sweet potato in many parts of the world with external colors varying from purple, red, yellow and white. The most known and consumed in Brazil is the one with red skin and white pulp.
Cooking it in a pan with a top, avoids that the nutrients are lost during the boiling.
Also the leaves have a high concentration of nutritious value. they can be prepared just like any other vegetable, with excellent results.Sweet potato is rich in carbohydrates, supplying in 100 gr., 116 calories. It contains also a big quantity of vitamin A, besides the vitamin of the whole B complex and mineral salts, as such calcium, phosphorus and iron.

AVAILABLE all year round.
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