PRICKLY PEAR - KAKTUS (Opuntia ficus-indica)

Originary from Central America, today it is found in all tropical countries. Its average size is 7cm and it weighs about 100gr. per piece, it has a pearshape, with some depressions at its point. The peel color ranges from light reddish-yellow to an intense red with small 'bushes' containing tiny stings. The flesh is slightly with an orange reddish color, juicy, with lots of seeds, which can be eaten. NEVER touch them with bare hands. In case of lack of gloves, pierce it with a fork, cut it (not deeply) and open it with the fork and knife, leaving the pulp entire. Though the stings are tiny, they annoy a lot and are very difficult to be taken off the skin.

- from november until march
Shipped: By Air